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The Future Of Music Streaming Is On Its Way

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Aspire Streams - the Future Of Music Streaming

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Why Aspire Streams

Playlist of the Future

You can compose and segment various playlists, whether this is based on genre, artists, year or mood. This, therefore, provides you with instant access to a set of pre-defined songs without the need to browse and ensures that each and every song is to your liking.

Discover New Talent

Aspire Streams provides a platform that encourages aspiring artists to share their own music. Our platform main goal is to connect with the range of artists and support the raising starts. Be the first to experience music and videos from your favourite artists you can’t get anywhere else. To support the artist we are launching a donate feature that will let fans donate & sponsor their favourite newcomers.

The Music You Love

We curate tunes, and vibes you would not hear anywhere else. Explore amazing selection of the mainstream and counterculture artist that will make you fall in love with the music, again. The platform also offers podcasts and videos.

Beyond the Music coming soon

In the second release of our app in 2021, we are looking to take you on the journey beyond listening to the music, we will connect you with other fans, artists and music lovers. Share your passion, your music and your experience with others using Aspire.

Calling On All Aspiring Artists

Aspire Streams is the new home for all new multi diverse artists.

We welcome artists from all genres of music from rock, pop, classic, R&B, hip hop, indie and many more. If you would like to be one of the first artists promoted on the Aspire Streams platform, please contact us for more information at artists@aspirestream.co.

Let’s See How It Works



Download the app for free in the Apple or Google Store.



Configurate your profile to enjoy best music experience.



Personalise the playlist and music selection with your preferable choices, or let the Aspire Streams decide what you might like.

Affordable Plans

We pride ourselves in making Aspire Streams accessible for Free & Premium users. Enjoy your Freemium account, or upgrade to paid plans.

Meet the Founder

Sam Cortez having a strong passion for business, music, and music production, Sam has successfully been able to hone his appetite in these areas throughout both his business and professional music career.

Sam Cortez

As an artist Sam’s experience within the industry is largely depicted by the performances and tracks that he has produced as well as the supporters he has gained along his journey. Writing and producing his own music, Sam has successfully been able to release singles, extended playlists, mixtape and music videos across a number of platforms such as YouTube etc.

Sam has gained significant exposure among his industry and has utilised streaming channels as an aspiring artist, providing him with a strong understanding of the different elements of the industry that require improvement to help artists such as himself.

Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez
Sam Cortez

Get The App

The app will be launching exclusively very Soon. Join our waiting list to be one of the first to experience the new music streaming era. We might also contact you for the an early feedback, so you are a part of our journey.

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